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Professional Science Master's Program

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The Master of Business & Science degree (MBS) is part of a national movement of Professional Science Master’s programs that brings together master’s level study in science or engineering with “plus” courses in business and policy. Rutgers is the only university in New Jersey that offers a statewide Master of Business and Science degree. This  degree involves an unprecedented number and level of partnerships at all three Rutgers campuses in Newark, New Brunswick and Camden and allows student to combine courses from all of the various schools and campuses.

The degree is a combination of an MS and MBA degree with 43 credits: 24 credits in the sciences and/or engineering and 19 credits in business. The science courses are taken within a specific concentration in areas such as the life sciences, engineering, mathematics, information technologies, and sustainability. The science concentrations are professionally focused and reflect industry in NJ/NY and nationwide -- not necessarily the traditional academic disciplines. All of the students take a common business core including finance and accounting, marketing, communication, leadership, project management. In place of a thesis, students work in teams and develop a business plan around a technology in their field. Courses are a blend of traditional (evening), online, and executive education. We have both part-time and full-time options available.

Why a Master of Business & Science degree?

The MBS degree is for you if you are

  • interested in further developing your technical skills with an emphasis on how science/technology is practiced today,
  • interested in professionally focused science education
  • interested in developing a core set of business skills and the ability to apply those business skills in a science/technology setting,
  • pursuing a science/engineering undergraduate major (or have the equivalent courses) and are interested in developing leadership, business, technical and entrepreneurship skills,
  • seeking an alternative to a traditional science masters or business degree.

We have information sessions (online and/or onsite every month). Please join us!

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