MBS Personal Care Science Students Get Noticed!

Three Rutgers Master's of Business and Science (MBS) students recently had a blog post they wrote featured on Agilex Fragrances corporate blog. Carlos Wilfredo Contreras Aviles, Daniel Grenberg, and Neonila Levistsy authored "Synthetic Fragrance Bias and the Natural Trend", a blog based on a paper the three students wrote for Professor Christine Schmalenberg's Fundamentals of Personal Care Science course. The article examines some of the fallacies that exist about synthetic fragrances and also explores some of the drawbacks of using natural fragrances, especially if you are interested in issues of sustainability. Daniel Greenberg, who works for Agilex, told us this about his employers' review of the jointly authored paper and how it got noticed for the blog, "After their review of the work they expressed immense praise for it and allowed it onto the Agilex Fragrances, Inc. Official blog after some reformatting to fit the style of a blog post. Permission was granted by the employers of Neonila and Willy to make sure that a posting of this nature was not a conflict of interest."

Upon learning that the work of these MBS students would be published by Agilex, MBS Director Deborah Silver remarked, "I am proud of these students. Not only did they display their technical expertise in writing this article, they demonstrated they other qualities we hope to develop in our MBS students - leadership and initiative. They saw that this issue was a concern to the business and its customers, and brought it to management's attention."

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