An MBS Student Who Followed his Dream

By: Abbe Rosenthal

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It all started when Badal Shah, a trained pharmacist born and raised in India, decided at the age of 22 to find a master’s degree program in the U.S. that would provide him with an opportunity to advance his technical skills in drug discovery and development, while building his business acumen at the same time. Badal’s dedicated search was driven by his dream to go to America and become a successful entrepreneur. 

His research to find a program which can enhance his technical skills as well as provide him necessary business acumen came to a fruitful conclusion, when he saw Rutgers University’s Professional Science Master’s program, the Masters of Business and Science (MBS) degree, which he joined in 2012. When we asked him how the MBS program helped shape his career, he replied “Interaction with various guest lecturers - who were industry leaders, the courseware, and especially internship opportunities, which completely changed my thought process, and I realized that anyone can become an entrepreneur. It is just a matter of identifying problems and coming up with appropriate solutions to solve them.” Badal was a full-time student working full-time in industry, which helped him implement theoretical knowledge into a practical world. 

Badal’s advisors, Drs. Deborah Silver and Sangya Varma, guided him throughout his journey with MBS.  He attributes much of his success in his career now as Managing Director KOL Mapping at QPharma, to the MBS degree program.

While working in the pharmaceutical industry, Badal identified a gap that local physicians and medical leaders were being ignored and not receiving information about upcoming new drugs and their benefits before the drugs are launched. Badal started building an enterprise solution, Titanium KOL™ and Titanium Target™ at QPharma, and pioneered a ground-breaking and revolutionary approach to achieve effective medical communication before launching drugs. As a result, information now reaches local physicians and patients globally.

Due to his innovative ideas, strong leadership and dedication, he rose through the ranks in different companies and most recently serves as Managing Director, KOL & Targeting at QPharma, and is now considered a leader in health analytics to achieve successful drug launches. This year alone his approach and solution helped numerous pharmaceutical companies to launch their drugs successfully and the tool is being used by thousands of pharma executives every day. Rutgers MBS congratulates Badal for this amazing accomplishment.

About Rutgers Professional Science Master’s Program

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