MBS Students Discuss 2016 Summer Internship Experiences

While summer internships have always been popular among MBS students, a record-breaking 38 students in the Masters of Business and Science program participated in the 2016 summer Professional Internship course (A number of other students completed internships, but opted not to earn credits through the course.).  On August 5, 8, and 10 these students provided their peers, the professor, and several supervisors with presentations about their work and lessons learned. 

MBS Students Watch Student Archita Sudulu’s Presentation About Her Clinical Trials Data Internship at Covance

Students interned at companies, such as Heineken, Bank of America, Covance, Quest Diagnostics, International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), Colgate-Palmolive, and other large and small companies. In addition, some students worked on campus, including several students who did hands-on lab work with professors and a group of eight who worked on a speculative project to assist the Rutgers Football team to develop an analytics program.

Student Mridula Chintalacheruvu Discusses Her Business Solutions Internship at Heineken

Student Aapta Kanalya Paresh Discusses the Lessons She Learned During Her Internship at TB SMD (today’s Business)

Food Science student, Brian Somers, who interned at IFF, talked about the challenges – and opportunities – he found working in an internship part-time while balancing schoolwork and a full-time job. He noted that his regular employer was much more open to him doing the internship than he expected, especially once his supervisor knew he would earn credits toward his degree. IFF, which has hosted a large number of MBS interns, was also very accommodating with his schedule, allowing him to work off hours. During the internship, he got to practice a wide range of science and business related skills as he helped the company to develop more stable flavorings for yoghurt.


MBS Student Brian Somers Explains His Food Science Internship at IFF


Students who worked on the Rutgers Football project described a start-up like atmosphere that allowed many of the students to lead teams of graduate and undergraduate students as they explored ways to develop meaningful metrics for the coaches and recruiters of the Rutgers Football program. Many reported strengthening key technical skills, as well as pushing themselves to take on more responsibility to make the project successful.

According to MBS Director and Professor, Deborah Silver, “The MBS internship course is designed to get students to reflect on and learn from the experiences they have in the workplace and to better connect the information they are learning in their courses with the skills and knowledge they need to really soar at work.” The course is taught by Professor Kathleen Cashman, a highly experienced Executive Coach who also teaches the program’s Communication and Leadership course.  While her leadership course focuses on understanding your leadership style, the internship course focuses on assisting students to put that style into practice and to reflect on how best to improve and hone their leadership and communication skills, as well as their technical competencies. Throughout the course, Professor Cashman meets with students to provide professional coaching – a very unique benefit to be found only in the Rutgers MBS program!

Students interested in doing an internship in the 2016-2017 academic year: Stay tuned for webinars, workshops, and other events designed to help you navigate the process of finding a meaningful internship and registering for the internship course. Check the PSM events page, here