MBS Students Excel at Internships - Summer 2017 Presentations

By: Michael Albuquerque and Kathleen Cashman

5 job offers and 9 extensions and every single internship a success! The statistics do not deny that our students are very much in demand and not without good reason. After three months of producing results and building relationships, their hard work shone through during their internship presentations held on Aug 15 & 16, 2017. These presentations are a great way to learn about internships, the fabulous companies that offered them, and the valuable courses the program offers to help achieve career success. It’s worth taking a look into what impacted their journeys. We also take a look at Prof. Kathleen’s key learnings from the internship class.

internship presentations
Internship presentations take place in the CoRE 7th floor boardroom.

In attendance were some of their supervisors, the MBS Staff including Executive Director Dr. Deborah Silver, Course Instructor Prof. Kathleen Cashman-Walter, the newest addition to the team Abbe Rosenthal (who joins the team as a Corporate Engagement, Alumni & Career Services Specialist), and their peers, eager to listen to what they had to say.

The professionally driven curriculum of the MBS Program has a work requirement in the form of an internship, co-op or work experience in the field of study. See this page for more information. These presentations summarize and finalize MBS students’ experience in their internships.

Day One

Aditya Gandhi kicked off the presentations, describing his internship at IDT Telecom, an American telecommunications company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. He presented his work primarily on promotion analytics and customer behavior.

internship presentations
Landi Huang’s role at Shine

Landi Huang interned at Shine Inc. as a Data Analytics intern where she was responsible for data retrieval, cleaning, analysis and product development. She mentioned how the initial part of the process was very challenging. However, with time and assistance from the supervisors, she was able to explore the data and gather insights.

Maria Novianti was up next and she took us through her time at Sentient Cosmetics. She talked about how she made an odorless lotion and even brought samples to show to the audience. Six members of her team were present and she talked about how they supported her in the duration of the internship. She continues her internship into the fall.

Gayathri Kulasegaran works at Theradex Oncology in a full time capacity as a clinical data coordinator. She was the first international student that her company hired. While at the beginning she was not as keen on her job, she realized the value in it over time and was then able to transition to a role she liked better. Her presentation highlighted how small accomplishments can compound to add big value.


David Lo started his own company called Exalight. He talked about the idea behind starting his company, i.e., his desire for newborn babies to be completely cured of jaundice, and how their company went about the legalities associated with the venture. Through this experience, he completed his work requirement from the program.

Nirav Shah’s deliverables at Michael Baker International

Nirav Shah was at Michael Baker International where he interned as a Traffic/ Intelligent Transportation Systems Intern, merging his technical and management skills. He spoke about how he had to put in extra work, including watching YouTube videos to learn a skill for his job.

Amanda Wnorowski’s path to Wilson Towers Watson

Amanda Wnorowski found her opportunity through the Rutgers Mega Career Fair. She was at Wilson Towers Watson as an Actuarial Intern for the summer where she was involved with Financial Analysis & Benchmarking and Client Preparation. She spoke about how the MBS degree with a focus on business and science enabled her to attract this offer.

Maruthi Ayyappan interned at Linium Consulting and spoke about how the IoT (Internet of Things) is the future and how he used his Android App development skills to provide value. He has been offered him a full-time position upon graduation.

Day Two

Dan Govendar delivers a great presentation at Appleton Farms

Dan Govendar delivered another great presentation. While he previously interned at Blackberry Ridge Management in the Spring, he now gained valuable experience this summer at Appleton Farms where he focused his efforts on sustainable packaging. His supervisor, Chad Clem, was among the audience.

Miranda So presents to an audience which included her supervisor at Janssen

Miranda So interned at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of J&J as a Data Science intern and presented her work to those at the event including her supervisor, Katie Bettencourt who was also present on the night.

Michael Albuquerque (author of this blog) interned at IRIS.TV in Los Angeles for the summer as a Data Science intern. The company provides data driven personalized video recommendations for its clients in the media industry. He spoke about his projects implemented using R and Python.

​Sona Kapoor delivers her presentation titled “Marketing and I; The story unfolds”

Sona Kapoor took us through her journey at Genewiz as a product marketing intern. Despite having a background in biotechnology, she found herself to be a natural fit in the product marketing role resulting in a successful summer at the company. 

Sonal Oberoi took us through her time at Munich ReAmerica, a major provider of property and casualty reinsurance in the US. Her internship was in Princeton, NJ.

Shih-Yen Liu tells us his key takeaways from his internship at Formosa Plastics

Shih-Yen (Alvin) Liu capped off the internship presentations for the night, describing his time at Formosa Plastics where he was a systems analyst. He highlighted the importance of effective communication and building a network.


After refreshments, we were led through the poster presentations for the Advanced Analytics and Practicum class of Summer 2017.

While there was too much wisdom shared on the two nights to fit in this blog, Prof. Kathleen shares her top ten key learnings from these internship presentations below.

Top Ten Key learnings from Prof. Kathleen

            1.         It is wise to get good at more than one skill.

            2.         Sometimes you must do things you don’t want to do to be able to do things you want to do. You can thus add value to yourself and to the company because of the value you added to yourself.

            3.         Always ask questions; what you didn’t know you didn’t know is important to your growth.

            4.         There is opportunity everywhere; you must look for it. Don’t look at the work as a job, but as an opportunity.

            5.         Be passionate; it shows!

            6.         “When you work on the business you will make a good living; when you work harder on yourself, you can make a fortune”  —Jim Rohn

            7.         The entire batch of interns have done an excellent job at the companies they were at and showed their intellectual abilities.

            8.         Network! Get outside the role you are asked to play.  Also look for the fun activities like teaching, mentoring, going out with colleagues, team building events, etc.

            9.         You can always learn how to do anything, but culture and fit are important.

            10.       You bring all of you to each role. Sometimes you can’t use all of you at once or in the beginning, but look to create opportunities for you to bring more of you and then talk about results.  It is the best branding -  “I am known as a results provider!”

Some of the helpful classes mentioned were Prof. Sunil Shende’s class on Big Data Algorithms and Prof. Mark Burgess’ class on Market Assessment and Analysis for Business and Science.

MBS students networking after the presentations.

Another batch of summer internships have transpired, but our students have only begun to show their true capabilities. By adding value to the organizations they were at and adding value to themselves in the process, these internships have proven to be a wonderful way to kick start their professional journey.

Good eats provided by the MBS program