MBS Students Learn About Baseball Analytics from Leaders of the Phillies


On Wednesday September 21, 2016 a group of Master's of Business and Science students, faculty, staff and alumni joined business leaders of the Phillies baseball team to better understand how they use analytics for business intelligence. Students got to pose for pictures with the World Series trophies and network with everyone from the COO to someone who started as an intern and who now heads up a major area of research.

The Phillies representatives kicked off a panel discussion with their media announcer (wearing the big, diamond World Series ring, no less!) and staff discussed how they use analytics to better understand not only players' statistics, but also crucial metrics about their ticket holders. Chris Pohl, the lead person in charge of ticketing, talked about how the Team uses data on game attendance and other factors to predict season ticket buyers, game day attendance, and other key outcomes related to sales. Others on the panel also discussed and answered questions about the data used to predict player performance. MBS students asked several questions of panelists covering both topics. Overall, students were advised to network well to gain access to competitive sports internships and then to work as hard as possible to add value right after being hired. Its a business that is hard to get into, but staff reported getting help to move up and around once they got a foot in the door. At the end of the panel session, the MBS program took over the press area for a good photo op before heading out to enjoy the game (and a few local delicacies....mmmm, Philly cheesesteaks!).