Students Present IP Research Projects


On July 18th and 20th Masters of Business and Science Students presented to professors and peers about their plans to improve business performance with an effective IP strategy. Teams of students selected a company and a patented technology to focus their research. Presentations reinforced the strategic importance of having an IP strategy for improving the bottom line for businesses and securing their financial and legal future.

Several student teams covered the following topics in their presentations:

  • A description of the company and the technology of focus
  • An IP assessment and review of litigation
    • A review of the uniqueness and value added of tech
  • IP strategy and key milestone
    • License term sheet and future projections
    • IP protection
    • Licensing strategy
  • Market snapshot
  • Future development

After the presentations, Professor Nag and Dr. Deborah Silver, as well as students, asked key questions about the teams’ strategies. After all teams finished presenting, Dr. Silver addressed the group to reinforce the value that the Fundamentals of Intellectual Property course brings to the MBS program. Dr. Nag also addressed the class, driving home the point that “IP startegy IS business strategy!”  Finally, Professor Nag invited the class to share time together at a local eatery – Gabrielle’s.