Principles of Communication & Professional Development for Science & Technology Management (Fall and Spring)


Course Description:

This course provides the fundamentals of communication and leadership in the sciences and technology, and professional development. Course sessions will combine theory, practice, self-assessment, and research by student teams.

Topics covered:

  • Oral and written communication skills for scientists
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Communication in a team environment
  • Managerial role transitioning
  • Building personal leadership capabilities
  • Analyzing leadership qualities



Week 1:  Introduction, Overview & Transition to Management
Week 2:  Model of Leadership
Week 3:  Leadership Styles
Week 4:  Communication Strategies
Week 5:  Power & Influence
Week 6:  Leading Change & Innovation
Weeks 7-8:  Motivation
Week 9:  Performance Management
Week 10:  Coaching Skills
Week 11:  Conflict & Negotiation
Week 12:  Problem Solving and Decision Making
Week 13:  Teams
Week 14-15:  Presentations


Written and oral presentations will be assigned. A final written report will be due at the end of this course.


The goal of this course is to combine theory, practice, self-assessment, and student team research.