Summer Programs

The following programs are for international students (upper level undergraduate and graduate students). To know more about each program please click on the program link:


GEL -- Global Experiential Learning (Summer Program) - The Global Experiential Learning (GEL) Institute is an interdisciplinary summer study opportunity that connects students from around the world with renowned Rutgers faculty to collaboratively explore solutions to real-world challenges. Under faculty mentorship, students will spend 4 weeks living on-campus at Rutgers University and will be a part of a rigorous research and entrepreneurial environment in conjunction with the Rutgers Makerspace. Projects will be guided by a human-centered, rapid prototype-driven process using design thinking and iterative design principles, and aim to build students' communication, product development, and entrepreneurship skillsets.


PSM -- International Experiences in Business and Science A five (5) week  program which includes guided self-study and mentored hand-on activity in elected topics of Engineering and Design. This program is in conjunction with PALS which covers professionalism in engineering