Urban Environmental Analysis


The environmental industry is a mix of advanced science to best delineate and remediate pollution problems and the management skills to market products and services, manage projects, and interact with state and federal regulatory agencies. To be successful in this industry, a unique set of skills are required that are not readily available in standard science or business programs. The Master of Business and Science (M.B.S) degree with a concentration in Urban Environmental Analysis & Management combines advanced scientific training with courses from business principles will provide the exact combination needed for success.

Admissions Requirements

Successful applicants are expected to have an undergraduate science or engineering degree, including at least one year each of calculus and chemistry, one semester of statistics, plus at least one year of other science courses in, for example, biology, physics, or geology. The General GRE is required for admission.

Concentration Coordinators

Dr. Adam Kustka


Dr. Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis


Related ConcentrationsSustainability, Global AgricultureGeospatial Information Systems & Technology , Horticulture Science & Applications

The MBS (Master of Business & Science) is a Professional Science Master's Degree combining graduate  science courses (MS level) in a particular concentration with courses in business.