Global Food Technology and Innovation


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The objective of the Master of Business & Science degree in Global Food Technology and Innovation is to educate students about the essential skills for managing technical development and commercial applications in the food and related consumer driven industries. The goal is to promote and establish effective training, and career program that strengthen the skills and abilities of new generation of Food industry professionals capable to work in new global environment. The program includes principles and applications of: Food Post harvest Technology, Preservation & Safety; Food Global Supply chain Management; Food Product Innovation; International Regulation and Quality  control in Global Food Supply chain; and basic business and leadership skills. This program is designed around an interdisciplinary curriculum. Students will gain specialized knowledge in basic principles of the food technology, value added food product development, managing the flow of food products through the supply chain, developing logistics strategies, merging transportation policies with production and marketing tactics, and global supply chain analysis and planning. This combination of management and Food/Ag industry specific knowledge will provide a specialized skill set to prepare students for effective work in challenging and fast pacing environment of the global food market.

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The MBS (Master of Business & Science) is a Professional Science Master's Degree combining graduate  science courses (MS level) in a particular concentration with courses in business. 

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Program in Global Food Technology & Innovation requires GRE scores, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts from the prospective applicants, and acceptable TOEFL for international students whose native languages are not English. The applicants should have a Bachelor's degree in one of the following: food science, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, engineering, or related fields. A course in organic chemistry is preferred. Students without organic chemistry will have to complete a course in their first semester. Applicants concerned about appropriateness of their background should contact the Food Science concentration coordinator.

Program Requirements

The Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree is an interdisciplinary degree consisting of both science and business courses. It is a 43 credit master’s degree: 8 courses (24 credits) in the sciences –PLUS- 7 courses (19 credits) in business.

Science Courses: 8 courses, 24 credits: 4 required courses, 4 elective courses:

Required Course I: Fundamentals of Food Technology/Science (take 1 course from the following list):

16:137:655 Fundamentals of Food Technology and Safety (4cr)

16:400:513 Food Science Fundamentals I (3cr)

16:400:507 Food Engineering Fundamentals and Processes (4cr)

Required Course II: Global Food Regulation (take 1 course from the following list):

16:137:656 Current Regulation and Standards in Food International Trade (3cr)

Required Course III: Food Innovation (take 1 course from the following list):

16:137:575 Food Business Innovation (3cr)

Required Course IV: Food Supply & Quality (take 1 course from the following list):

22:799:692 Supply Chain Management (3cr)

16:540:580 Quality Management (3cr)

16:137:657 Global Food Supply and Quality Management (3cr)

Suggested Electives – take 4 courses (other electives are also available):

16:137:576 Concepts in Global Agriculture (3)

16:400:513 Food Chemistry Fundamentals (3)

16:400:514 Food Biology Fundamentals (3)

16:400:507 Food Engineering Fundamentals (4)

16:400:605 Microbial Food Safety (3)

16:400:526 Predicting Shelf Life of Foods (3)

16:400:519 Food Safety (3)

11:400:412 Food Product Development (3)

16:400:530 Advanced Food Sensory Science (3)

16:400:526 Predicting Shelf Life of Foods (3)

11:400:410 Nutraceuticals: Food/Herb/Supplements (3)