Special Permission Number Request


The web form below is to be used to request Special Permission Numbers for MBS courses, 16:137:xxx


ALL other special permission numbers must be requested from the respective department directly.

16:198:xxx-Computer Science -  https://www.cs.rutgers.edu/course/registration

56:198:xxx-Camden Computer Science, Kelly Esterly -  ke156@camden.rutgers.edu

17:610:xxx-School of Communication and Information, Jay Stefanelli - j.stefanelli@rutgers.edu

16:960:xxx Statistics and Biostatistics, Marcy Collins - mcollins@stat.rutgers.edu

(Note: For a prerequisite override for Regression Analysis: please send an email with your RUID and  Proof of prerequisite (undergraduate transcript, etc) to Prof. Kolassa. Please use the subject header: Prerequisite override for Regression.kolassa@stat.rutgers.edu.)

16:332:xxx-Electrical and Computer Engineering - ecegradinfo@gmail.com

16:400:xxx-Food Science, Debora Koch - koch@aesop.rutgers.edu


MBS students requesting 22:XXX:XXX -Rutgers Business School Courses:

  1. Submit your resume and Rutgers Business School Special Permission Form to the PSM Office psminfo@docs.rutgers.edu   Email Subject:  RBS Forms
    RBS New Brunswick/Newark Form
    RBS Camden Form

  2. If approved by our office, the documents will be submitted to the Business School on your behalf.

 3. Once the Business School approves, they will send MBS the SPN number and we will them send the SPN to you.  DO NOT contact the business school directly.


MBS Students Requesting Special Permission  for 16:137:650/651/652 MBS-Special Topics in Management  (MiniMBA, Online Training, RIE)

Fill out the Special Topics form and submit to Vicki Pasigos (vpasigos@docs.rutgers.edu(link sends e-mail)).



Please list the Pre-requisites of this course that you have completed. If no Pre-requisites are needed please write 'No Pre-requisites Needed'.