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Advice to Recent Graduates: Go B.I.G.— Be. Intentionally. Great.

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It was a great pre-ceremony luncheon! We at MBS felt honored and proud to be able to share even a few moments of IRL time with so many recent graduates—to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and hear former students share in person what has been happening in their lives: many new jobs, new babies, new homes, and a more than a few weddings!

For all graduates, we continue to celebrate you and your great achievements each and every day, and we thank you for continuing to drive the world forward by applying your knowledge and your wonderful minds—and your courage, determination, innovation, grit and communication and leadership skills—to improve life globally from wherever you are!


Advice for everyone: All former (and current) students know that I love words. 

My word today? BIG. It’s a word, but it’s also an acronym—B.I.G. - BE. INTENTIONALLY. GREAT!

Be. Intentionally. Great.

The first word and last words? Don’t worry about them. You exist—you are being—and you are GREAT!

It’s intentionality. Bring intentionality to everything you do. Lead your own ship. Lead with your destination. But know where you’re going.

Be intentionally great at whatever it is you’re going to do, because you can want to shine, but if you don’t think about what that looks like—where you’re going to shine, how you’re going to shine—then you’ll be complacent and you’re going to float through life instead of making purposeful choices that will lead to success. Be better than that. Be B.I.G!

With that, on behalf of everyone at MBS, CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! And thank you.

Kathleen Cashman
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