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Applied Science (& Business) - MBS Internships

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A good internship is a win-win situation: an intern receives valuable work experience, and an employer benefits from the intern’s energy, ideas, observations, and productivity. The MBS Internship Program further enriches this relationship by helping students meaningfully leverage their MBS education to provide additional value to their employers—and turn their internships into career opportunities.

Led by MBS executive coachand assistant directorAbbe Rosenthal, the MBS Internship Program provides structured professional development to students for the duration of their internships—an approach that has proven to be highly effective, as 86 percent of all internships are either extended or converted to full-time employment. Throughout the semester, students hone skills including communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, project-management, time-management, networking, and building agility, says Rosenthal (pictured at left).

This fall, 18 students spanning the MBS academic spectrum interned for some of the nation’s top employers and, on Wednesday, December 8, outlined how they applied their academic and professional skill sets ;to their respective companies. From communicating effectively, to employing time-management, to using creativity in problem solving and goal-setting, students noted how the meaningful application of classroom concepts helped them build relationships, improve their overall career readiness, increase their self-confidence, and drive their success.

“At the beginning of the semester,” says Rosenthal, “I met with each intern’s supervisor to discuss goals and expectations.” Returning for follow-up sessions, she says, “it was impressive and gratifying to hear how many supervisors stated that the MBS interns stood out well above other interns.”

MBS Fall 2021 MBS Interns

1 grid intern headshots and company logos

Interns / Academic Concentrations / Employers

1. Annapoorani Muthuraman / User Experience Design (UXD)– EZOPS

2. Avadh Soni / Cybersecurity / Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

3. Coleman Weatherstone / Engineering Management Rutgers Department of Materials Science and Engineering

4. Colton Schoch / Analytics  Signify

5. Isabela Miulescu / Personal Care Science / Schweiger Dermatology Group

6. Jocelyn La Fleur Geospacial Information Systems & Technology (GIS), / Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

7. Kunj Patel / Cybersecurity / New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC)

8. Michael Cantatore Biomedical Engineering – MTF Biologics

9. Nupur Kadam Drug Discovery & Development – Labcorp

10. Olivia Soliman / User Experience Design (UXD) –  L’Oréal

11. Revathi Nair /  Personal Care Science – Symrise

12. Shivangi Manivannan / Personal Care Science –  June Jacobs

13. Stella Oluwaseun-ApoSustainability / New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

14. Ushasee Das /  Analytics – Dell Technologies

15. Vanessa Garcia de Oliveira / Personal Care Science –  Givaudan

16. Yatong Wang / User Experience Design (UXD) – Lineup Systems

17. Yu-Han LanDrug Discovery & Development – DolCas Biotech, LLC

18. Zeal Dholakia Pharmaceutical Engineering –Lannett

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