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Capstone Presentations

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In the Capstone course offered by the MBS department, students develop their entrepreneurship skills. Student teams search out patented product technology or ideas, work out how to use the idea in an actual product, and develop a business plan for marketing the product. This exercise allows the students an opportunity to enhance their marketing, finance, technology, supply chain, and operations knowledge in creating a viable start-up company (on paper at least).  On May 8th, 2019, the Capstone presented their products and business plans to an esteemed panel of judges. Professors Tom Bryant (PhD., MIT), Bob Dailey (MBA, Nova), Vinay Chandorkar (MBA, Mumbai) and Suzanne Inhaber (MPA, Carleton) team up to teach the Capstone course.


Prof. Tom Bryant giving his welcome address

Dr. Bryant kick-started the day with his welcome to all. He explained the journey of the Capstone students and the agenda for the day to the audience. All teams presented their companies with thorough analysis on the market, technology, competitors, finance, supply chain, operations and competitors to an audience consisting of real-world investors, corporate representatives, MBS Professors, alumni and students. The judges are angel investors for the day with $1,000,000 paper money to invest in these companies. At the end of the day, the Capstone students have had the experience of being both the presenter and an investor.

The following are the presentations made by the students based on their companies.


QuickPark aims to build an application to find vacant spots for parking.


Reflection Reality aims to manufacture glasses to help visually impaired people to view this beautiful world


Dot’s A Promise aims to produce smart food labels to help people identify the expiration date of the food faster.


Orbio aims to store Vitamin C in microspheres which helps the skin to glow.


VisionARy aims to help golfers become pros through their AR aided glasses.


ZARR aims to build a thermal mapping of human fingers to be used as keys, thereby increasing the security manifold times.


WiCharge aims to build a 2 component wireless EV charging system for electric cars.


The T4 company aims to bring traceability to seafood products, such as information on a fish’s journey from fisherman to retailer. T4 stands for Truth, Trust, Trace and Transparency


GotYourBAC aims to manufacture Ethanol Detection Wearables.


EveryAide Technology proposed a product to monitor the blood glucose level of the patient continuously.


Refractive Technologies proposed to develop a product to monitor the behavior of the customer based on geolocation and emotions, yet keep the identity of the individuals anonymous.


HealthLink aims to develop a wearable to monitor the hand-hygiene of the healthcare professionals in hospitals.


The Capteur company aims to build smart refrigerators using a network of sensors.


Key-Positive company aims to tighten security with advanced models of lock and key.


SubQ company company aims to helps diabetes patients with their technology.


Eagle Eye aims to develop glasses to help beginners to become experienced in golfing.


At the end of the day, investors pile their money in front of the logos of the start-ups they wish to invest in.


A collage of the judges expressing their opinions at the end of the day


A collage of the judges expressing their opinions at the end of the day

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