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Challenge, Accepted! UXPA/NJ Design Slam 2022

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Image of badge for UXPA/NJ 2022 Design Slam Winner

February 2, 2021, saw the return of the Annual UXPA/NJ Chapter Design Slam, a fun, interactive event where randomly grouped participants must quickly solve a non-hypothetical design challenge—the details of which are kept secret until the start of the event. 

In “beat the clock” fashion, groups have 60 minutes to brainstorm and present their solutions—with this year’s winners receiving digital badges to proudly display.

Hosted by Josephine Giaimo of User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) / New Jersey Chapterand sponsored by Rutgers Master of Business and Science (MBS) program, the event was coordinated by assistant professor and director of MBS's User Experience Design (UXD) concentration, Dr. Rupa Misra, who gave short remarks and wished everyone luck as the Slam commenced.

Design Slam Challenge 2022

Participants were charged with finding hindrances and suggesting improvements for an existing website, as recapped by Giaimo:

“Five terrific teams participated in providing valuable insights and feedback on the sign-up process and website for gyvlink.com, a technology start-up that helps non-profits. Armed with personas and access to the founder, our five teams used tools including Miro boards and Google docs to suggest improvements to the existing design.”

Open to UX professionals and enthusiasts at every level, the event—which featured several MBS students—is a fantastic opportunity for lighthearted networking while gaining serious, hands-on experience in user experience design.  

And The Winner Is…

When the hour was up, teams gave five-minute presentations evaluated by Giaimo and industry expert Lubina Bogoeva—also an advisor for MBS’s Externship Exchange—who used 5D rubric developed by UX pioneer and guest judge Charlie Kreitzberg of Princeton University, who also discussed his rubric at MBSlast fall.

Ultimately, two teams tied for first place—with four MBS students (*) among the seven victors (in alphabetical order), Riya Abraham*, Cynthia Duran, Diana Fu*, Marek Malkowski, Victoria Pizzulo*, and Ashley Progocky-Rieser*.

“It was such a great experience working with new peers and collectively brainstorming ideas,” said Fu. “I’m looking forward to future events!!”

Of which there will be plenty, say Giaimo and Misra. Big thanks to all hosts and participants!





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