Create a Compelling E-Portfolio: Why Have an E-Portfolio

By: Michael Albuquerque

Portfolios have been in use for a long time in fields such as business and education to display one’s work to an employer, professor or a recruiter. With the rise in the popularity of E-Portfolios, the process has become simpler with the help of online tools to highlight IT/ Engineering and Analytics projects more effectively.

The E-Portfolio Presentation event was a chance for current students to learn about E Portfolios from A.J. Polanco, a professional who has worked in User Experience and Visual Branding for more than 5 years. He explained how an E-Portfolio is a powerful tool to help explain what you’ve achieved and assisting in telling your story.

Mr. Polanco elucidated as to how an E-Portfolio contains the same storytelling components as a presentation or report: The best ones are well formatted, structured and use creative visual elements to keep the reader engaged. Questions to keep in mind for an E-portfolio are: ‘What did you create?’, ‘What were the challenges?’ and ‘What was the outcome?’ As always when displaying one’s work, it is important to highlight quantifiable factors such as Key Performance Indicators to indicate and validate the value of the work.

Several software applications exist to make an E-Portfolio, such as Behance and Seelio. To make the best use of them, it is prudent to explore their various features and adapt them for one’s projects. For example, information visualization is one of the trends with increasing importance in analytics as graphs often are more effective to tell the story. In this case, use the capabilities of the software to best achieve this and make the work stand out.

However, it is wise to not give away every detail in the E-Portfolio. Adding a link to enable those interested in the work is a great way to enable an interested party to get in touch for more. Visibility of one’s work is not a given. It would behoove the user to get people to know about it by talking about it and possibly even including it in an email signature.

With all this information in place, while getting started with an E-portfolio, Mr. Polanco says that six is a good number of projects to showcase. It is an optimal number to show to a potential employer to show them one’s capabilities and projects.

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