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Data Privacy and Data Governance: An Ethics Primer

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The Ethics Primer on Data Privacy and Data Governance was an interactive event at Rutgers MBS on November 19, 2018, where students had the opportunity to discuss various data privacy issues. Ron Hedges, the guest speaker, is a member of Dentons' Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice group and consults on management and discovery of electronically stored information ("ESI"). He created awareness about ethical issues in workplace and clarified the doubts of the students regarding legal cases. 

Data privacy has become an important function in business as well as personal life, as breaches can lead to huge financial losses. Mr. Ron discussed the ethical issue that can arise by hacking car data: applications of Internet of Things (IOT) in cars has increased as data from cell phones are connected to cars. Hacking an autonomous vehicle could bring great harm in the future. Analysis on data with zip codes could cause racial discrimination due to biases potentially created by data models. Even after deleting ID, it has become possible to trace back to an individual. Recently the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been passed by the EU which aims to protect personal data of the citizens of EU. Similarly, laws are passed in US to enhance data privacy of the people. During the interactive session, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and similar practices in offices were discussed.

The Ethics Primer was interesting as various methods and measures for Data Privacy and Data Governance were explored and explained.

Jhanani Ramesh is pursuing the Master of Business and Science degree with an Analytics concentration. She is passionate about building models to resolve business needs and problems using big data and data mining techniques.


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