Design for Today and Prototype for Tomorrow: MBS at the Makerspace

By: Shreya Verma and Michael Albuquerque

“Design for today and prototype for tomorrow” is the vision of Rutgers Makerspace. 17th October marked the day that MBS students explored the newly renovated Makerspace on the Livingston campus of Rutgers. Rutgers Makerspace is a unique environment that helps turn ideas into reality. For the makers, creators, builders, fabricators and designers, there are 3D printers, laser cutters, routers, electronics, vacuum formers, sewing machines and other tools and machinery. It is a vibrant, welcoming space with the tools, support and inspiration to unleash your potential. The Makerspace is coordinated by Lee Pagenkopf, a MBS alumnus.

Electronically Carved Out Introduction                                                   Information Template    



Participants network among their MBS peers.

Upon arrival, participants were promptly greeted by our very own MBS Staff and served with light refreshments and a perfect opportunity to network among their peers. Program Executive Director, Dr. Deborah Silver, who was present at the event expressed her delight at having MBS Students at the Makerspace and views it as a wonderful place for them to hang out, exchange ideas and realize the creation of their designs.

Lee Pagenkopf welcomes MBS Students and introduces them to the Makerspace.

Mr. Pagenkopf then gave a warm welcome to all the MBS students who had made their way to the event and shed some light on the vision of the Makerspace and introduced the Makerspace team. A tour of the recently renovated Makerspace ensued.

Visitors learn about the CNC Milling Machine which will soon be available.

The Makerspace is well equipped with the facilities necessary and staffed with a team both knowledgeable and ever-willing to help students to realize their imaginative ideas. Available free to all Rutgers students, faculty and staff are machines for 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, and Vinyl Cutting as well as equipment for projects related to electronics and textiles. In addition, machines for CNC Milling and Woodworking are expected to be available as early as next month.

MBS Students try their hands at designing their own models for 3D printing.

The process of 3D printing was simply described as creating a real object from a design by controlling the release of a plastic filament. By extruding plastic, layer by layer, an object is formed in 3 dimensions. The shape of the object depends on where it is released, the nozzle size and rate of flow. With the aid of a hands-on tutorial, all participants, regardless of prior experience or knowledge, were quick to get started on their designs using TinkerCAD. Members of the Makerspace team were around to answer queries and assist as would be the case during normal hours of operation.

PLA Filaments are available in several colors for 3D Printing.

The event also covered Lasing, which is used to create artworks by cutting different shapes and sizes from different materials. The laser cutters use a high-powered CO2 laser in order to vaporize the material in its beam path. Due to the vaporizing of the material, the laser cutter is able to manufacture complex designs that otherwise would be near impossible to do via hand. A very distinct product was a wooden box which was carved with intricate drawings on it. The makerspace can hone your talents and endow you with innovative skills – just look at the creativity displayed in the Makerspace foyer.

Participants with the Makerspace team.

The “Introduction to the Makerspace” event was a great learning experience for the participating MBS students. Each of the students had the opportunity for a hands-on trial of either 3D printing or lasing.  And for the cherry on the top of such a fantastic experience – Halloween-themed snacks!

Halloween Themed Food