The Grand Graduation Dinner

By: Jhanani Ramesh

The Graduation Dinner for the gradutes of Summer 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 was held on May 16 at Zimmerli Art Museum. It was a great occasion to celebrate with fellow graduates. That day will always be memorable to all the graduates of MBS program. Students received their degree certificate and best wishes from MBS staff for their next phase in their life. 

The Graduation Dinner for the MBS program was held at the Zimmerli Art Museum. 

Graduates were welcomed warmly by our MBS Staff. 

Dr. Silver emphasized future endeavors as she wished success to the graduates. 

Prof. Cashman encouraged the graduates to be comfortable in their uncomfortable zone and expressed her best wishes. 

Dr. Silver and Dr. Sills handed certificates to the graduates, who then received a high-five from Abbe Rosenthal. 

Delicious desserts were waiting at the end of the meal. 

Graduates enjoying the food. 

Students enjoying an interesting conversation with Prof. Bryant (third from the left). 

Souvenirs given to the graduates. 

Graduates networking with each other. 

Graduates having a light moment. 

Graduates interacting with Dr. Sills and with one another. 

Graduates on the spiral staircase

Graduates sharing their memories with each other. 

A light moment among the staff.

Students interacting with Prof. Cashman. 

Students interacting with Abbe Rosenthal. 

Some of the graduates enjoying their moment

Students interacting with Dr. Silver

Students networking with each other

Students interacting with each other