Holiday Party: Dec. 20th, 2016

A splendid end to the year!
The MBS department brought in the winter holidays in style with a cozy, extremely well planned gathering of current students, faculty as well as alumni. It was a fun-filled affair where current students got to network with successful alumni from the MBS program, as well as with faculty. Interacting with professors outside the class is always fun since we get to see them in an informal atmosphere and talk about a variety of subjects. The holiday party is a great platform to establish a personal connect with faculty as well as alumni. The party area was beautifully decorated, following a winter theme and there was also a live band performance.

There was an assortment of food items and desserts, in keeping with the festive mode. Everyone had a great time. The highlight was Dr. Silver addressing everyone and thanking them for making it to the party, a callout to those graduating in December 2016 and a short video that we did as a shout-out to Judy Pellicane who has been with the MBS department for several years, and recently retired. She could not make it to the party and we wanted to wish her as a way of reminding her that she will be missed.

In all, this was a great opportunity for students to mix around and network in a fun and festive environment.