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Launching into Fall - 20 Tips to Improve Performance

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Starting a new semester—a new chapter—is always exciting! But it can also bring an added dimension of stress.

We all know that getting enough food, rest, and time to recharge are necessary to tackle the demands of the day and operate at peak performance.

As we enter into Week 3 of the Fall 2020 semester, I challenge you to take note of how often you truly pause for self-care each day. What is one small action you can take today? Below are 20 different ideas. I received these tips from a wonderful client and colleague, and pass them along to you.

Challenge yourself to pick just one of these actions, and then focus on that act for the next few days. See if you notice any difference in your daily interactions. Remember that being the best version of yourself will help you engage differently, learn more, grow more, and have a greater impact. You’ll also have energy to change direction when you feel stuck. It all begins with leading your own ship!  

I also invite you to connect with me! LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kathleencashman-walter or via email kc678@docs.rutgers.edu.  I would welcome a conversation, or just your thoughts.


20 Tips to Improve Performance

1. Sleep! Getting enough sleep is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and is not something we can skip if we want to function at the top level.

2. Take time to prioritize. Make a daily list of things you want to get done and name two things

you will get done!

3. Give yourself enough time to get everything done each week. Spread tasks out evenly to try

to avoid those monster days we all get from time to time.

4. Take a break from the computer, TV, and phones. Even for half  an hour.

5. Stop throughout the day and breathe (feel those deep breaths)

6. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly—food is meant to be enjoyed. Also, you will get a more accurate sense of how full you really are. If you’re in a rush, reach for something healthy. And if you’re always in a rush, make sure to pack a power bar. But make sure to eat regularly throughout the day.

7. Try to connect with loved ones every day—we are social beings, after all.

8. Take breaks every day, even if it's just five minutes of your time.

9. Ask for help! We all need it from time to time.

10. Read at least a little each day.

11 Exercise every day even if it's a walk, yoga or stretching.

12. Speak kindly to yourself and realize how far you’ve come!

13. Listen to music, at the gym, in the car, or on a walk.

14. Open your blinds and –weather permitting—the windows, too! Do it for a few days. It's great!

15. Remember your goals and dreams. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about them.

16. Soak your feet or take a hot bath once in a while!

17. Don't be afraid to say no! You cannot always do everything for everyone.

18. Pray, meditate, do yoga, or practice another form of mindfulness.

19. Be positive and keep your focus on the positive.

20. Keep a journal.

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