MBS Capstone Presentations

By: Vishwa Shah

In the Professional Science Master’s program at Rutgers, the capstone course for the business sequence is organized as a version of high-tech entrepreneurship. On December 15th 2016 Rutgers Masters of Business and Science students presented their business plans to distinguished Judge-Coaches, which include corporate representatives, real world angel investors, MBS professors, alumni, and students.  Panels of distinguished Judge-Coaches provided market-realistic reactions and feedback to the capstone students. Also, they drove the Q&A sessions after each presentation.

Capstone course faculty Professor Tom Bryant kicked off the evening by giving an overview of the course. This experiential half of the course is a series of exercises in which the students learn what it takes to develop a new firm to exploit an emerging technology.  Professor Bryant mentioned that all the students experienced both sides of the deal – entrepreneur and investor. Then he provided instructions on how to fill out the “Venture Forum Score Sheet” for the presentations. Based on the investors’ decisions, and the scores on the score sheet, each investor put their paper based $100,000 down on the investment board so everyone could see each presentation’s ranking.

The students provided comprehensive presentations that included an overview of the management team, product, its purpose, target market, and the financial & market analyses. The presentations also included an overview of the development timeline for the product and the estimated financial returns. Finally, students asked investors for the amounts they needed and described the Return on Investment.

LetsPark team presenting their management team.

Qonforma introducing their technology, VasQ a revolutionary skin-like patch designed to improve consumer and digital healthcare by monitoring and tracking heart health.

Remfoam presenting the competition analysis in compared to their technology.

PRETii presenting their competitive landscape in addition to showing their technology will be the cheapest option in the market.

The products the teams presented this year spanned multiple categories. For example, the Tarseir-Lens team explained how their technology, an ocular fluid and pressure system embedded in contact lenses, can be used for diabetic monitoring and assessment; the Foresight team discussed their vision to make motorcycling safer, more fun and part of the future of transportation; the PRETii team had an innovative technology that turns plastic waste into high quality Glycolic Acid through enzymatic degradation.

The Opt Vote team, which pitched a company focused on using modern technologies to make elections transparent and auditable, were the first prize winners. The PRETii team which had innovative technology that turns plastic waste into high quality Glycolic Acid through enzymatic degradation took second place, and the third place winners were the RemFoam team; which focused on performance and reuse by absorbing oil, repelling water, and beating the competition in price by cleaning the waters. Overall, there were excellent presentations and fantastic ideas. I am looking forward to be part of the MBS Capstone Course next semester, and presenting on May 3rd 2017 innovative venture plans along with several other teams.

Capstone Course Faculty: Tom Bryant (PhD., MIT); Bob Dailey (MBA, Nova); Pavita Howe (MBA, McMaster).