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MBS Externs present findings at BD

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On Tuesday, February 11th, 2019, MBS students from the Fall 2019 semester Becton Dickinson Externship Exchange teams, along with Dr. Christie Nelson, presented their work at Becton Dickinson’s Headquarter located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. The Becton Dickinson Externship Exchange comprised two teams of MBS students: team 1 focused on the analysis of the results of the Voice of the Associates Survey and team 2 focused on anomaly detection in Travel and Expenses. These projects were initiated in Sept 2018 and ended in Feb 2019. Team 1 had four members, Jenny Chen, Fiona Lee, Usama Saifi, and Rudy Winkler, while Team 2 had two members, Aditi Kulkarni and Felicia Liu.

The students along with their advisor Dr. Christie Nelson were greeted warmly by BD’s externship contact person and auditing manager, Ms. Lilian Vinagre, who also took them on a brief tour of the building in which the presentation was held. Students also got to meet the other BD employees that were part of the externship exchange, including Hemen Patel and Jennifer Helfant among others.

Each team presented their findings, including what they discovered from their respective data set, the analytics techniques that they used, and what their findings meant for suggestions for future work. They were joined by questions from BD employees and had a lively discussion. At the end of the event, the MBS Externship students and the BD employees thanked each other for their participation in the project and took a photo together to wrap up the visit.


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