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MBS Industry Advisory Board (IAB) - MBS Student Networking

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decorativeOn March 15, 2022, MBS students had the great opportunity connect and interact with the phenomenal group of leaders who comprise MBS's Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)—the group of STEM-based business leaders who—representing a rich spectrum of industries that include pharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D, product development, media and television, consumer goods, and the energy sector—pool their vast knowledge and expertise to help shape both academic and business curricula and keep programs and related initiatives cutting-edge, relevant, and impactful. 

Building on the energy of the previous evening, students were able to mix and mingle with member of MBS’s Industrial Advisory Board.—a group that has been supporting the program since its inception. Held under beautiful skies, in gorgeous weather, and (again) under a canopied, catered tent, MBS executive coach and IAB liaison Kathleen Cashman-Walter once again served as facilitator and moderator. Following a sit-down dinner, Cashman-Walter started the event in earnest.

“You heard from some of MBS’s faculty last night,” she said, referring to the previous evening’s Meet & Greet, as well as faculty members Beth Ann Murphy, Rupa Misra, and Mark Robson, “And the best things our faculty members do is prepare you to sit at a table like this and participate.” Which is so very important, said Cashman-Walter, because the IAB members are a wealth of information and fantastic connections for students. Many IAB members are also MBS alumni.

decorativeThe biggest goal of the MBS program, said Cashman-Walter, is to be able to make valuable connections that allow you to network, confidently present yourself, and build your brand. “If you're in a science area and [others are] talking about sustainability, packaging, supply chain, profit, that you are able to talk through that, and be able to contribute that. It's not always about your science, but it'll lead you there."

IAB members regularly engage with students at events including guest lectures, panel presentations, and mixers, where they discuss industry-specific trends, developments, and innovations as well as challenges facing business leaders today—but since 2020 those meetings have been virtual—it had been a long time since the event was held in person.

young alumni graduate student addressing audience at networking event

With that, another great MBS session kicked off, with experts discussing challenges and trends in their industries, and students contributing their experiences as well.

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