MBS Internship Presentations

From the perch of the 7th Floor of the CoRE building there’s an excellent view of Busch Campus, but on the inside of the Boardroom on the 10th of May, 2017, the hard work of the MBS Students offered a far more impressive vista of the state of business and science.   Faculty, staff and students were present, as MBS students offered insights on their internship placements over the past semester and where it would take them in the future.

The professionally driven curriculum of the MBS Program has a work requirement in the form of an internship, co-op or work experience in the field of study. See this page for more information.

The students were guided throughout their internship by Prof. Kathleen Cashman-Walter, a highly experienced professional coach and business consultant. Students also spoke very highly of her course on Communication and Leadership, which assisted them greatly as they worked in a professional setting.

Professor Cashman’s class had a lot to talk about, from the courses that helped them in their journey to tips for those intending on taking similar career paths. In the audience was Executive Director, Dr. Deborah Silver.

Dr. Silver was in the audience as the students listen to Hammad Khan’s internship presentation with CCICADA

​Rahul Balwaik speaking about his role as a Quality Assurance Intern at Siemens

The first of the twelve presenters was Rahul Balwaik’s. Rahul worked as a Quality Assurance intern at Siemens. Among his achievements were designing key performance indicator metrics for their Quality Management Department and working on process improvements to support the QM team.

Hammad analyzed twitter data for home games of an MLB Stadium, in order to support security with data on crowds using data miner-data visualization.

​Shivani Dahiya talks about her experience interning with Daiichi Sankyo and Verizon Wireless

Shivani Dahiya’s presentation was another memorable one, as she spoke about her experiences at Daiichi Sankyo and Verizon Wireless. In particular, she spoke about how she obtained and made the most out of her Business Intelligence Analyst and CRM Consultant positions.

​Mridula Chintalacheruvu interned at Heineken USA

Mridula Chitalacheruvu interned at Heineken USA, as an IT Generalist Intern. She shed some light on what it was like working in New York City and what she’d learned at the company.

​Dhanendhran Govender, interned at Blackberry Ridge Management shares his internship story

Dhanendhran shared his insights working with Blackberry Ridge Project Management LLC on home improvement contracts and enlightened everyone on the present state of the industry. His concentration is Engineering Management.

Sai Bhavana interned at Open Road Media as a Data and Insights Analyst

Sai Bhavana worked as a Data and Insights Analyst intern for Open Road Media. During the semester, she built Tableau dashboards and data models to predict customer attributes and identify areas of improvement in their data collection and analysis.

Davood Mesbah and Chandan Saha interned at CAIT where the former mined data in a long term bridge performance program for over 600,000 bridges and the latter worked in a data science role at predictive modeling and survival analysis of bridges using tools such as correlation analysis and ANOVA testing.

Akul Hiremath interned at Roland Foods, where he was a QA intern primarily responsible for updating nutritional information labels to enable compliance with new legislation.

Saravanan Thiagarajan worked at Marlabs in a Data Science position. The first person to be ever hired in this position. His role was largely exploratory, as he mapped business problems to analytics solutions, developed statistical techniques, algorithms and innovated new machine learning approaches.

The efforts and results of our students did not go unnoticed as many of these interns were offered full time opportunities. All of the presenters noted the fine education they received in their MBS degree and how this internship experience opened up new opportunities that they previously didn’t think were possible.  These students, many who were graduating, will further add to our outstanding network of alumni professionals.