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MBS Internship Program Presentations

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For many working adults, the word “intern” invokes visions—or memories—of a young person eagerly fetching coffee, organizing files, or performing assorted menial, unchallenging tasks for a boss too busy to delegate meaningful work.

Not so for MBS students, who spent the past semester using their talents to redesign websites, employ data visualization and statistical modeling, execute SWOT analyses, perform extensive prototyping along with corresponding internal and external testing, and—for some interns—make presentations to stakeholders.

Through the MBS Graduate Internships Program, which connects students with some of the nation’s top employers, MBS students collaborated with company leaders, department heads, and, in one case, even worked directly with a CEO.

On May 7, in the CoRE building conference room, these interns gave presentations about their experiences to a robust audience of students, faculty, company supervisors, and MBS leaders.

In her opening remarks, Kathleen Cashman, Professor of Communication/Leadership and Executive Coach, noted “everybody who is presenting tonight has done masterful things for the organizations that they have been working with. And, for just as many presentations as we are doing today,” she said, “we have people who are not presenting today—because they did great work, and the organization said ‘I’m going to find a way to keep you.’”


Figure 1. Professor Kathleen Cashman gives opening remarks and introduces her presenters

One by one, interns not only discussed the skills and experience they acquired over the semester, but talked about how their internships changed them personally—from their views about the importance of challenges and persevering, to learning how to contribute talent as both an individual and as part of a team.

Following each presentation, Cashman, affectionately known as (and preferably called) “Professor Kathleen,” asked students if there was any MBS course they wished they would have taken prior to their internships, and then she asked each student where their internship experience is going to lead them. For the latter question, answers ranged from “I am working for the company while searching for full-time employment” to “we are discussing permanent employment.”


Figure 2: Presenters discuss their internship experiences.

Below is a list of interns, their academic concentrations, and the companies for which they worked.


MBS Concentration

Company Name

Daimini Bhatt

UXD (user experience design concentration)

Rangain Consultants

Honghua Too


The Harel Group

Rudy Winkler


Rutgers Research Cyber Security (under Professor Alexei Kotelnikov)

Vibhuti Gupta

Biomedical Engineering

The Harel Group

Haewon Park

Drug Discovery & Development

The Harel Group

Aditya Deepak Gandi


Barclays Capital

Prateek Jain

Analytics (Data Engineering Intern)

Munich Reinsurance

Anay Kocharia

Personal Care Science


Phuong Le


Legg Mason

Amy Le


Legg Mason

YanSi Wu


Abington Reldan Metals LLC

Amit Shah


EXA Data

Suleiman Ali Shakir


Siemens/ Medical Division


Key Takeaways:

Without doubt, the overall sentiment was that the internships gave students confidence about both their career choices and their ability to succeed:

  • “My work is the testament to fact that made me certain with what I’m doing as a career.”
  • “The experience convinced me that I am the person who can support other companies, and support my target company to figure out their problems.”

“I am confident that I am the person who can support and do the best job.”

Figure 3: Professor Kathleen Cashman and Dr. Deborah Silver, MBS Program Executive Director, listen to presentations about internships in career sectors ranging from staffing services to cybersecurity.

Professor Kathleen was especially gratified by students’ remarks regarding their confidence in their own talents. “For you to say ‘I know that I am the right person for an organization,’” she said, addressing the interns, “that’s exactly the way we need you to go into your roles. You own it—you’re going to learn more, and will just be even better—but that’s what the MBS program gives to you.”

In conclusion, “when you can add value to a company,” said Professor Kathleen, “it speaks volumes of you.” It makes it more likely you’ll be hired and increases the scope and value of your network, she continues, adding “if they can’t use you at this moment in time, then you continue to grow and build that relationship, and there’s going to be another moment in time, and you are going to be right there at the top of the line because you performed very, very well.”

The MBS Graduate Internships Program offers students internship opportunities with top companies in the country, with more than 85 percent of those internships converted into a continued internship or full-time or part-time employment. Internships are offered during fall, spring, and summer sessions, and can be based on any MBS concentration.

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