MBS Marketing Course Students Explore Customer Experience at IKEA

Last week, Mark Burgess, Professor of Marketing Analysis in the Master's of Business and Science program and President, Blue Focus Marketing, took student for what has become an iconic trip to IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ to explore the customer experience from a marketing perspective.Students were tasked with reflecting on and analyzing their store experience to unpack the strategies IKEA uses to ensure a happy and well-curated user experience in their stores. This collage developed by students on the trip gives a glimpse of the displays the class examined.

Students comments about the trip included: 

"We were able to see what it is that makes IKEA unique...IKEA’s marketing technique exposes its customers to the lifestyle that IKEA furniture offers, not simply the self-assembly bed they will sell you. " - Amanda Wnorowski

"Going to IKEA not as a customer was a very different experience....So why is it worth going all the way to Elizabeth to pickup a candle?  Because it's not just a department store, it's an immersive experience of ducking in and out of nicely appointed kitchens, baths, and living rooms all with a similar utilitarian mindset." - Matthew Miller

"It is not just a furnishing store, more than like a textbook about decorating, which gives us much inspiration about our own houses." Li Zhang

"There was a cafeteria on the premises called “IKEA BISTRO” or “IKEA SWEDISH FOODMARKET”. When I saw “SWEDISH” in the name, I instantly thought about Swedish meatballs. Its incredible how our human brain makes certain connections and how IKEA has managed to incorporate these connections." - Bhumika Patel

STAY TUNED:  We are developing a downloadable e-book that will include student blogs and pictures about the experience and lessons learned.