MBS Student Daniel Greenberg Published in Happi Magazine, Cosmetics Trade Publication


We are proud to announce that Masters of Business and Science Student Daniel Greenberg recently had an article published in the personal care science industry magazine, Happi. A leading publication in the field, the magazine provides valuable updates to personal care scientists and executives.

The article, which focused on disclosure issues surrounding fragrances, can be read here

According to Daniel, "The MBS program has been instrumental in helping me to understand the interconnected nature of business and science. Being able to view certain aspects of my professional career from both a scientific and business perspective has proven extremely valuable. Additionally, the MBS program helped me to network with other professionals in the personal care industry who I can learn from and collaborate with. If it wasn't for the MBS program and the experiences I've had as an MBS student, professional contributions such as this would not have been possible for me." 

Dr. Deborah Silver, MBS Director and Professor, responded, "This type of deep understanding of both the science and business fundamentals that concern industry professionals is what we are aiming to impart to students in the MBS program. It is clear that Daniel has a firm grasp of how these interact. We are very proud of Daniel's work and accomplishment and we expect to see him go far in this industry!"