MBS Students Internship Presentations


The Masters of Business and Science (MBS) Program, which focuses on holistic learning through an amalgamation of learning and industry experience offers students a chance to go out and intern with top companies in the country and present a snippet of their overall journey and learning- thus enabling them to grow and learn and also, to share their insights and knowledge with other students who aspire to do the same. One experience that stands out in the formative years of most successful professionals today is their internship experience. Masters of Business and Science students who got an opportunity to work as interns presented about their internships at the end of the semester. The presentations were well-attended, attracting other MBS students and several internship supervisors from the industry. Student internships spanned a wide range of concentrations, roles, and companies. All the students had a great deal to talk about, in terms of each and every aspect of our learning journey.

Danielle Kadish who is pursuing her Masters in Personal Care Science got her internship through networking in a personal care science panel event hosted by the MBS program. She was able to show her passion for science & business and communicate effectively in her internship.

Rachna Bhatia who is pursuing her Masters in Analytics landed her internship at J.P. Morgan & Chase through another MBS student who was already interning at J.P. Morgan & Chase. She has accepted her full-time opportunity with them as well! In addition to all of her analytics skills, one of the important things she learned was time management; since she has to travel 4+ hours every day for her commute to New York City.

Rushil Goyal who is pursuing her Masters in Analytics, landed her internship through LinkedIn. She works for a mobile insurance company and got an opportunity to travel to Tennessee where her team is located.

Eunju Choi is pursuing her Masters in Personal Care Science, and working as a Junior Chemist at Eaglewood Lab. Her communication & management skills, professional professors, and guest lecturers’ contribution helped her add value to the internship.

Ranjith Balaji, an MBS analytics student, worked as a Credit risk analyst intern with JPMorgan Chase talked about his experience of interviewing with this prestigious firm, and how he transitioned from an internship to a full-time role. These are topics of interest to many students in the MBS today, and it is great inspiration when we see students from amongst ourselves go out there and make things happen. Dera Okafor, also an MBS student also worked at JPMorgan Chase and chose to share quite a lot about her personal insights gained from the journey as well as the company culture, and how she learned a lot from her colleagues by scheduling one-on-one sessions with them and getting to know them better, thus also building her network.

Nilpa Chokshi is currently pursuing her Masters in Quality Engineering. She is currently working for Johnson & Johnson, and was able to get an additional assignment to work in the Quality Operations, External Manufacturing department.

Shivani Dahiya is currently pursuing her Masters in Analytics. She landed her internship at Daiichi Sankyo in Parsippany, NJ through Indeed. One of the biggest added value she provided to the company was when she led a project to reduce the existing process time from 4-5 weeks to 1-2 weeks.

Norance Tan is a User Experience Designer. He landed his internship by asking his professor to create an internship for him because he is passionate about Professor David’s field. It was an exceptional presentation; he ended with three key important things to keep in mind during your work: 1. Be human, 2. Work with an open heart, 3. Be open minded and curious.

Another student, Stephen Jakubiec, did a co-op with Dannon and spoke in detail of his time working with the people there, the work culture as well as his roles and responsibilities. He too, with his determination and skill, was able to convert this into a full-time role. The one thing that really stood out in his presentation was how much he enjoyed working there and how passionate he was about his work. A lot of other students spoke of their work experiences, having interned at companies such as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Quest Diagnostics, The Harel Group, IDT Corp and Open Road Integrated Media among others.

Through all of these presentations, woven together like stories, the one thing that stood out was how much the MBS program had contributed into shaping our career paths as professionals who step out confidently into the unknown workspace- utilizing our core skills- communication, networking and the skills that we have developed through courses in our concentration (analytics, biotechnology, food science etc.) - and how these have helped us set a strong foothold into the professional world already. Also, our success is a testimony to the great skills that Professor Kathleen Cashman has imparted to us. She did a great job of putting together this whole program and playing host to all the supervisors that graced the event with their presence.

Professor Kathleen Cashman ended with saying, “value added and value gained skills will put all the students in front of opportunities.”