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MBS Students: Where You Fit In & How to Succeed In 2021

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“American businesses need workers who are not only knowledgeable in their technical fields but also have the skills that can adapt that knowledge to compete profitably in the marketplace. Graduates with an MBS degree will know how to lead innovations from idea to commercialization, understand market and customer needs, know how to assess financial decisions and demonstrate leadership and team-building skills.” –Deborah Silver, Ph.D., 2010


The above quote was excerpted from a news article in which MBS Executive Director Deborah Silver explained the purpose and value of a master of business and science (MBS) degree; the article was written more than ten years ago, when Rutgers Professional Science Master’s program (PSM) was newly established. One decade later, what used to be a difficult degree to explain is now understood and, moreover, sought after. Many things have changed with our global workforce; however, the foundation of the MBS program has not changed, and its value has only grown. 

 2010 – 2021:  The world is different.  Decisions are made impacting all aspects of our globe. A STEM-based, science-intensive workforce is a vital part of our economy and is leading our economy as well as global progress and innovation.  Currently, STEM-based industries are  leading our state of pandemic management. 

Earning a Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree requires mastery of integrating advanced STEM-based academic knowledge with professional business education—and then carrying and applying mastery into the profession behind your science—from the classroom and lab room to the boardroom, and to all of the virtual rooms in between. 

Employers are seeking individuals who have a master grasp of navigating both the science and business worlds, together— who possess integrated and advanced science and business knowledge. This need has been fueling our program since its inception, and is now at an all-time high.

The year 2021 offers us new opportunities. The COVID-19 impact on research, product and market launches, and the profitability of organizations in every industry. The need for technology advancements and protections to determine (and minimize negative impact on) how we work and live has never been greater. So where do you fit in?

“How do I have an impact?” “Where do I need to be?” Answering these questions is a difficult task. Developing the experience is the best way to know if you like something or not. People who have a clear vision and goals for their future are often uncertain how to get from where they are to where they want to be, asking ““Where do I begin?”

You took the first step: You are here!—Our program gives you access to unlimited experiential opportunities, coaching, and support as you gain clarity on the life and career you want, and as you design your individual path and an actionable plan to attain academic, work, and life goals accordingly. In addition to support, our program also provides you with a landing pad, a toolbelt, and a parachute.


Networking for Success

While it might feel like a lonely world filled with COVID-19-related social-distancing protocols, you are not alone, and you cannot do this alone.  Building a network – for support, for leverage, and for ultimate success–needs to be a key priority for us all. So how can you build your network? It's easier than you think. Stay active, engaged, and be sure to utilize the many resources around you: 

  • Begin with your advisors! 
  • Connect with fellow MBS students
  • Reach out to MBS Alumni. 
  • Acquire and maximize colloquium credits! 
  • Leverage MBS student resources! 


A hallmark of the MBS program: Our Executive Coaching Program, which offers “guided thinking” support to each and every MBS student from day 1. Our coaches are there to hold the space for you to think, to gain clarity of thoughts. Coaching is different from advising.  Through targeted questions, our coaches help you gain insight to ultimately answer the question,“What is best for me?” 

One of Dr. Silver's favorite sayings is: “You don’t need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.” She gave the below advice to students following our amazing 2020 graduation celebration—sentiments that all students need to keep in mind and take to heart throughout their MBS journey—a journey that is rigorous, exhilarating, and lots of hard work (you earn your MBS degree). In its rigor, however, students are prepared for and ready to tackle with aplomb, nearly any situation they encounter post-graduation.

"BRING A PARACHUTE: As with skydiving—a risk that requires a literal leap of faith—you, too, may one day be faced with an exciting decision or opportunity that carries with it potential reward along with significant risk. Maybe it’s taking a new job or starting a new venture. Don’t ever, ever be afraid to take risks—or a leap of faith—to go after what you want. To pursue something that excites you. Just ensure you have the tools necessary to land on your feet (flexibility, resilience, grit, and mental fortitude are all helpful). Your MBS education has been designed to provide you with such tools—and the lessons you learned during your time here can serve as that metaphorical parachute. Don't be afraid to use them!" 

We at MBS are here for you with one goal: to ensure your success. Welcome to spring semester 2021, and to the wealth of opportunities the new year (and our new world) will offer to you!

Kathleen Cashman
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