My Experience at Society of Women Engineers Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, PA


Thank you to Masters of Business and Science (MBS) Department to provide me this amazing opportunity to attend Society of Women Engineers Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, PA. It was a very inspirational conference for me. I found myself caught upin the infectious energy that comes from being alongside 10,000+ of the most talented and empowered technical women in the world. It was incredible to network and learn with the other attendees. Where else can you meet technical pioneers from the 1950s, 60s, current industry professionals from all across the technical spectrum, researchers blazing new trails in every technology out there, well-regarded members of academia as well as the newest generation of upcoming engineers all in one place?!

The SWE16 conference gave me inspiring and invaluable ways to connect, discover career opportunities and pursue professional development. This is a place where women engineers find the constant support they need for life’s variables.

I was able to partake in one of the largest career fairs at the SWE Conference where more than 300 companies and graduate schools were represented. It was a great platform to practice your 30 second elevator pitch and network with several fortune 500 companies.

I attended a session, “Teamwork 101: How to Play Nice with your Teammates and Create Better Results” by Dayna Johnson who is a Commercial Manager at General Electronics Energy Connections. In today’s corporate culture, working on teams is a necessity. We have all worked on teams that haven’t performed as strongly as they could have. In this session, I learned about major road bumps encountered while working on a team, strategies to strengthen teams, and tales from the trenches- real life scenarios of poor teams and how they could have been improved. Based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this session will help me create strong performing teams and troubleshoot teams that aren’t performing to their potential.

Picture with Dayna Johnson, speaker for Teamwork 101 session

Also, I attended “Savvy Women’s Field Guide to Change” by Jill Entner who is the Change Management Subject Expert at the PBF Torrance Refinery. This session had a unique take on energizing your organization and get change to stick.

Learning objectives of the session:

  • Understand the key change elements
  • Create a sense of urgency and get the vision right
  • Learn how to execute and sustain change

Topics included creating a sense of urgency and purpose to energize your organization, building a vision, identifying the hurdles, creating short term wins and gaining organizational momentum to change. Understanding the critical steps of successful change efforts and executing change effectively to achieve business value is at the heart of the savvy women's field guide to change.

Since I am a Social Media Maven for Society of Women Engineer’s North Country Chapter, I concluded my day at the Social Media Lounge. 

It was a great conference and an opportunity to be part one of the largest conferences for Women Engineers. I’ll definitely be attending next year’s conference in Austin, Texas and apply to be a seminar speaker to give back to the society and hoping to see some of you there.