Navigating the New Normal: HR Data Analytics in Times of Change

By: Eshani Pareek

The professional world today has become very data intensive, and there are no avenues left untapped to mine data and recognize trends, get answers to real-time questions and predict the future. One such up and coming avenue is the field of HR data analytics. We at Rutgers were privileged to have two experienced professionals from iCIMS- Josh Wright and Andrew Lavers- meet with students and share real world experience in this diverse field with us. The talk was highly engaging, with an introduction to what iCIMS does and a look back at job hiring and recruiting trends to date. This was really insightful in gaining understanding of how the trends with respect to recruiting, number of job openings and hiring have changed over the years, and how a lot of this change can be attributed to socio-economic developments (a lot of retiring workers!) and the rise of technology and data.

Josh spoke about how recruitment today is a lot like marketing, where you explain your value proposition to endorse your company as a suitable place of work for a candidate. Similar to this, potential candidates must also adopt this approach, as ultimately, seeking a job is all about marketing yourself. Over the years, there has been a lot of breakthrough in marketing in terms of automation and data analysis, and the step ahead is predictive analysis. Customers of an applicant tracking system like iCIMS want to gain more information on key metrics that will help them predict trends and identify pain points in the recruitment process.

Andrew led forward the discussion with a more technical focus on the nature of the data pipeline and products that iCIMS is working on. He talked about the approach that the company has towards this data, which makes for great business cases. He also spoke about potential jobs within the company, and the skill sets required for each profile. He cleared a lot of misconceptions in talking about how data is extremely complex and data cleansing takes up more time than anything else. He talked about how important a business approach is in giving direction to product development.

Overall, this was a very informative session and this was followed by a great Q&A round. The speakers were very approachable and honest, and it was a pleasure networking with them and learning more about their work and journey. It was also great to see how companies are using the tools and techniques we learn about in the MBS Analytics program to solve real world problems facing HR professionals.