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November 8, 2021: It's National STEM Day!

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Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that National STEM Day falls during National Entrepreneurship Month! Either way, it’s the perfect day to recognize STEM-based entrepreneurship and innovation, and honor our fabulous MBS students and alumni who are leading the way as trendsetters and groundbreakers!

As we continue to develop new programs and curricula in pace with ever-evolving workforce trends, needs, and rapidly advancing technology, we also honor the industry leaders, faculty experts, guest lecturers, and incredible MBS alumni who help expand MBS students’ knowledge and professional networks through the numerous events and experiential learning opportunities they both host and provide.

Over the next week, there are several opportunities for MBS students to expand their connections, build their brands, turn their knowledge into knowhow, and network, network, network! Please make sure to check the MBS events calendar, as it is updated daily! 

Upcoming Events Include:

There are many other events on the horizon, so please continue to check the MBS calendar, and also keep a lookout for individual emails and messages on Canvas!

Today, November 8, 2021, is a day that celebrates you, our amazing MBS business-scientists, as you pursue an advanced and rigorous STEM-based degree with energy and determination. We are blown away by the level of innovation we continue to see each day!



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