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Rutgers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo 2019

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On October 30, just one week after Rutgers University was ranked among Reuters’ top 100 World’s Most Innovative Universities, the Rutgers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo was held at the College Avenue Student Center (CASC)—showcasing universitywide ingenuity, creativity, and the many resources available to student and alumni entrepreneurs.

Starting at 5 p.m., the Expo—sponsored in part by Rutgers Professional Science Master’s Program (MBS) and free and open to all students—began with an Innovators Resource Fair, with exhibitors representing a multitude of clubs, programs, organizations, and innovation spaces such as the Rutgers Makerspace, as well as other free services and resources available to Rutgers students and alumni.

By 5:02 p.m., the CASC Lounge and Multipurpose Room was buzzing as students, faculty, exhibitors, and other attendees interacted and mingled. And, of course, there was  food!  In addition to menu tasting samples from  Redds Biergarten and Vista Hermosa, attendees were treated to a delicious food spread generously provided by the Rutgers Office of Economic Development and Innovation (OEDI)—the event organizer—and the Rutgers Food Innovation Center.


1. The MBS-sponsored Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo was a fun and lively event packed with students, faculty, alumni, and exhibitors representing dozens of universitywide organizations. The event also offered plenty of delicious food for attendees.

The resource fair was followed by a lively presentation given by keynote speaker Steve Barsh, managing partner of Dreamit Ventures, who has helped launch over 100 companies that have collectively generated over $1 billion in revenue.


2. Keynote speaker Steve Barsh explains the essential elements of all successful startups.

Focusing primarily on the tough-but-critical early stages of venture work, Barsh’s lecture, titled “7 Deadly Mistakes Most Startups Make and Exactly How to Fix Them,” presented straightforward, vitally important information in a visually fun and humorous way—focusing on the make-or-break elements that can determine the success or demise of any startup venture.


3. Barsh reviewing an essential checklist for the audience.

Directed primarily to budding entrepreneurs, the content included slides featuring valuable, practical, and succinct information—often in lists and bullet points—in fonts large enough for audience members to take pictures of the data, which Barsh encouraged.

At the conclusion of Barsh’s speech, Peggy Brennan-Tonetta, Executive Director for OEDI, announced Rutgers’ brand-new Patent Policy for Students.

According to OEDI, In FY18, Rutgers was issued 172 patents and currently has 82 active start-ups. OEDI's initiatives include the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Coalition, a multidisciplinary group of staff, faculty, and students working together to strengthen and promote ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

In other exciting news: the Rutgers Makerspace will be opening a second location on Cook Campus in the near future. Stay tuned!

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