Taking a new look at my favorite store: MBS visits IKEA

By: Manessa Lormejuste

As an avid IKEA lover, I was absolutely thrilled when presented with the opportunity to have class there. I have been to IKEA several times in the past year as I redesigned my room after moving back home from school. I knew the store location, the store outline, and where my favorite items were.

However, visiting IKEA as a class assignment was truly a different experience. As a class, we were tasked to explore IKEA and report on any recommendations we had for the company. I had to switch from the perspective of an impressionable consumer to that of a critic. I had to criticize my favorite store!

My group and I made videos of exploring the kitchens while opening drawers. We took snapshots of the attention-grabbing prices and markdowns. Our main takeaways were based on improving the ease of shopping for IKEA visitors. For example, we noticed we could hardly find an associate that wasn’t busy. What if we needed help deciding between kitchen styles!? If not an associate, who would be readily available to help us? There was an announcement about an IKEA app, but upon entry into the store, there wasn’t signage that highlighted this new feature. 


Taking a critical look at IKEA, my group and I were able to identify the company’s weaknesses. For example, IKEA has an app designed to be used in store, but there was very little promo or instruction on how to use it. Also, IKEA’s sheer size is one that doesn’t allow for a quick shopping experience. It is almost as if shoppers are forced to spend an extended amount of time browsing even if they are in a hurry. On the other hand, the way in which IKEA allows for product testing while in store is what makes the company so notable.  The trip to IKEA was truly engaging and definitely changed my perspective of the retailer.