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Virtual Friday: MBS Halloween Spooktacular!

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On Friday, October 30, 2020, the traditional MBS Fall gathering took a virtual twist as students and staff dialed in for a Halloween celebration. With the semester more than halfway through, a fun meeting was much needed. MBS students, alumni, and staff dressed in scary yet creative costumes as they participated in a virtual costume contest. The event provided a great networking opportunity for students from various MBS concentrations as the host Abbe Rosenthal, PCC, Assistant Director/Head of Corporate Partnerships, Employment & Professional Development, and Executive Coach, had planned games that enhanced team-building skills using breakout rooms on Zoom. 

This is a fun illustration of a black cat, a Jack O' Lantern, a spider on a spider web, and black bats flying over a spooky tree at night, with a huge full moon in the background. There is a poem: When witches go riding /  and black cats are seen   /
A little Halloween poem.

Each member in the room introduced themselves and shared their thoughts as they answered the question, “Who would you want on your team in a zombie apocalypse (anyone dead or alive)?”

Then, a game based on mindful reflection, gratitude, and acceptance, “Rose-Thorn-Bud” helped students exchange affirmations as they delved into their favorite moment of the week (Rose), their biggest challenge of the week (Thorn) and a proactive action they committed to doing just for themselves (Bud). Students enjoyed this unique approach to problem-solving and getting to know each other beyond concentrations and courses—skills which are honed in the Principles of Communication & Professional Development course,  the MBS Externship Exchange and the Science & Technology Management Capstone.

An entertaining, eerie afternoon ended with MBS executive director Deborah Silver, Ph.D., showing support to the MBS crew. All attendees were set to receive MBS scarves and the costume contest winners Elo Hernandez (Wolverine), Trisha Sookraj (Harry Potter), Nimit Doshi (Luigi), and Kruttika Raman (Witch) a gift basket via mail as a thoughtful gesture.  

MBS staff, alumni, and students all dressed up for a fun-filled Halloween celebration!
MBS staff and students dressed up for a fun-filled Halloween celebration.


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