Webinar: AI can Transform Safety in Smart Cities

By: Jhanani Ramesh

On October 16, MBS student were invited to view a webinar telecast by Govtech.com discussing the needs of the governments to build AI infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of a smart city. Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in today’s world. Every field is aiming to utilize the extensive application of AI to produce great results.  This webinar was a public talk providing a simplified exploration of AI applications and the challenges to implement them. 

Applications of AI include detection of anomaly behavior in videos, prediction and prevention of ransomware attacks, implementation of self-driving autonomous cars, prediction of accidents even before they occur, and prediction of times and areas with high chances of crime. The major challenges in implementing these are the bandwidth constraint on moving the data and using the data in real time. In order to overcome these challenges, devices like AIRI, Jetson, Tesla and DeepStream could be used to enable efficient video analytics, image classification and video categorization.

MBS students majoring in Data Analytics were interested in this discussion of the applications of Big Data, Cloud technology and AI in regular day-to-day life; they appreciated the chance to know more about implementing these technologies in smart cities. Nowadays, the government is aiming to build smart cities with increased mobility, safety, and more livable neighborhoods with sustainable and environmental impacts. Using Artificial intelligence, the overall living conditions of the people would improve and contribute to better lifestyles.

Hence, from this webinar, we could understand that AI does not replace human beings, rather it simplifies the lives of the people.

For those who have missed the webinar but are interested in it, there are some resources for you!! Recorded session and presentation slides.