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Women's History Month: Recognizing Women in STEM!

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This is a graphic which colorfully displays the message "Celebrating Women's History Month!" It is a visual element to counterbalance the text.

It's March 1st - Women's History Month!  

All month long, we will be celebrating and honoring women in STEM--women who have inspired us, supported us, and paved the way for our achievements and those of the next generation.  What woman in STEM do you admire and find inspirational? We'd love to know who, and we'd love to hear why! If you feel like sharing (and we hope you do!), we hope you'll take 30 seconds to complete this two-question survey!


Also, what inspired you to become a scientist? Was there a specific event or person? (That's the next survey - stay tuned!)

In the meantime, thanks to all women in STEM - past, present, and future - for making our world a better place!


note:  Artwork c/o Rutgers University–Newark.

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