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Diana M. Gonzalez

Diana M. Gonzalez is a full-time student in the Personal Care Sciences concentration of the MBS program and works full-time at SHISEIDO Americas. She enjoys helping others navigate the personal care industry and was previously a Teacher Assistant for the Fundamentals of Personal Care Science course offered in the fall.

Exploring Roles and Career Paths in the Personal Care Industry

On April 9, 2019, the MBS Program hosted a career panel discussion for the Personal Care Industry. The panelists were drawn from different specialties, providing some glimpse of the various opportunities within the industry. Having these panelists speak about their roles and reaching their career goals gave the attending students the opportunity to learn about the different careers paths within the Personal Care Industry. 


How would you choose? MBS students learn about the ethics of self-driving cars

A legal expert, an engineer, and an ethicist walk into a classroom. The first thing they see is an Unavoidable Death Warning sign that states, “Your driverless car is about to cause a death – please select a target”. The options are: 1) Someone on the left, 2) You, and 3) Someone on the right. This is how a compelling discussion about Ethics and Self-Driving Cars started, which was hosted on April 10, 2019. 

A Day at the USPTO

The Fundamentals of Intellectual Property class, a course offered by the Masters of Business and Science (MBS) program at Rutgers University, entails a day at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, VA. In this once in a lifetime opportunity (not many programs offer this exclusive opportunity), MBS students interact and learn with USPTO staff. This blog post tells the story of the day that the class of Summer 2019 spent at the USPTO.