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Jen Reiseman-Briscoe

Jen Reiseman-Briscoe is a professional writer working for MBS. A former English major, she is fascinated by all things STEM, and enjoys writing about the increasing integration of liberal arts and STEM education in the learning process—particularly at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

MBS Internship Program Presentations

For many working adults, the word “intern” invokes visions—or memories—of a young person eagerly fetching coffee, organizing files, or performing assorted menial, unchallenging tasks for a boss too busy to delegate meaningful work.

Not so for MBS students, who spent the past semester using their talents to redesign websites, employ data visualization and statistical modeling, execute SWOT analyses, perform extensive prototyping along with corresponding internal and external testing, and—for some interns—make presentations to stakeholders.

Cybersecurity - Jobs in Great Demand

October 1, 2019, marked the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a joint effort of the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) since 2004. This year’s campaign focused on drawing attention to careers in cybersecurity—an industry that is growing exponentially and evolving at a rapid pace. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the hacking techniques that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of data breaches (theft of sensitive data).

Externship Exchange Learning Lab: The Wizard of Oz and the Essentials of Team Success

For more than 80 years, the Wizard of Oz movie–in its technicolor splendor—has mesmerized audiences while becoming a fundamental element of American pop culture. It has generated spot-on metaphors to describe everything from things being not as they initially appear (what’s really “behind the curtain”) to people who either wittingly or unwittingly do the evil bidding of others. (“Flying monkeys” is actually a widely recognized term used in popular psychology, usually in the context of narcissism.)

COVID-19 and Our Food: An Industrial Perspective: Food Chain, Food Safety, and Food Security

On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, Dr. Paul Takhistov from the Department of Food Science at Rutgers led a discussion regarding food safety, food availability, and biosecurity in light of COVID-19—an issue that MBS students had identified as a major concern and/or interest via a survey in the March 2020 MBS Community Connectivity Initiative.

Graduation Celebration – Cheers to Crossing The Finish Line, Graduates!

This year’s MBS graduation ceremony was unlike any other! Nearly 600 guests tuned in to the virtual event, held on May 14,  to watch a ceremony that was buzzing with excitement, energy, and a musical soundtrack of Rutgers’ greatest hits! We hope that this year’s graduates feel honored and celebrated, as they certainly should be—they crossed the finish line of their MBS education with honor and grit, and surmounted multiple challenges and obstacles—COVID-19-related and otherwise—with aplomb.

COVID-19 Impact on Research and Development: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication Among Pharma Industry Leaders (Part II in a Two-Part Series)


3-D illustration of coronavirus particles. Credit: Jongho Shin iStock, photo ID:1208691882. Upload date: March 02, 2020 Categories: Stock Photos | Virus

When will this pandemic end? When will life go back to normal? When will a vaccine be developed? When will a vaccine be available to the public?