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Jen Reiseman-Briscoe

Jen Reiseman-Briscoe is a professional writer working for MBS. A former English major, she is fascinated by all things STEM, and enjoys writing about the increasing integration of liberal arts and STEM education in the learning process—particularly at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Spring 2021 Job Outlook: Sunny and Bright

 It’s Friday! If you’re in the northeast, raise a glass to today’s gorgeous weather (it was 72 degrees, blue skies, and sunny in Piscataway / New Brunswick, New Jersey, after weeks of snow). Next, let’s toast something even better: a robust job market and increasingly higher wages, both of which—according to sources including the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Emsi (a go-to source for labor and workforce data), and the U.S.

Rutgers University Women in IT: Journey Through The Decades

Growing up in the 1970s and early ‘80s, Laura Gordon could not remember a time when her mother, Arlene, wasn’t working in the tech industry. An early pioneer of IT and computer science, Arlene Rosenbaum's groundbreaking career seemed unlikely when she graduated from City College of New York in 1964–a newlywed whose degree in theoretical mathematics seemed non-applicable. “Interviewers said they would not hire and train me if I was planning to have children,” Arlene recalls. “And they bluntly asked that question.”