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PSM Editorial Staff

The Professional Science Master's program (PSM) editorial staff reports on events taking place throughout the year and presents periodic roundups of "Best of the Best" articles and information. (Common data sources include LinkedIn/LinkedIn Learning, Emsi, Burning Glass, and leading industry-specific publications.)

Future of DEI in Tech with Thought Leaders from Nike, Deloitte, Intuit, and More

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed that is not faced.” James Baldwin

On Wednesday, July 28, some of the best minds in tech and entrepreneurship gathered together to lead a panel discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workforce, and how companies can expand DEI efforts and opportunities specifically for Black workers and leaders in big tech, startups, professional services, and consumer brands—with a special discussion about equity and inclusion for women.

A Stellar PCS Symposium: Ethnic and Regional Considerations in Personal Care Sciences: A Scientific and Business Perspective

Day one of the long-planned PCS symposium “Ethnic and Regional Considerations in Personal Care Sciences: A Scientific and Business Perspective,” was absolutely amazing, with a star-studded lineup of personal care and beauty industry experts who shared their extensive experience and scientific knowledge from years of research in the area of skincare.


Leading With Your Destination

The words, "So, tell me about yourself!" can leave even the most polished professional tongue-tied; as we are often not sure what information to share about ourselves. 

In a professional context—whether it’s no-pressure networking or a high-stakes job interview—how you answer this question is critical to carving your career path. And on October 15, 2021, MBS students learned a unique way to respond: instead of recapping what they’ve done and  / or what they’re currently doing, they learned to start the conversation with where they want to be.