Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9

Center for Continuing Professional Development

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program is the core of the most desired information security training system any information security professional will ever want to be in.  The CEH, is the first part of a 3 part WE.net Track which helps you master hacking technologies.  You will become a hacker, but an ethical one!  As the security mindset in any organization must not be limited to the silos of a certain vendor, technologies or pieces of equipment, this course was designed to provide you with the tools and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals alike to break into an orgainzation.  As we put it, "To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker."  This course will immerse you into the Hacker Mndset so that you will be able to defend against future attacks.  It puts you in the dirver's seat of a hands-on environment with a systematic ethical hacking process.

Here, you will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving optimal information security posture in their organization, by hacking it!  You will scan, test, hack and secure your own systems.  You will be taught the Five Phases of Ethical Hacking and taught how you can approach your target and succeed at breaking in every time!  The ve phases include Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks.  The tools and techniques in each of these five phaces are profided in detail in an encyclopedic approach to help you identify when an attack has been used against your own targets.  Why then is this training called the Certified Ethical Hacker course?   This is because by using the same techniques as the bad guys, you can assess the security posture of an organization with the same approach these malicious hackers use, identify weaknesses and X the problems before they are identified by the enemy, causing what could potentially be a catastrophic damage to your respective organization.


The Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50 may be taken on the last day of the training (optional).  Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification.


Certified Ethical Hacker v9 course and ebook after 12 months
CEHv9 Video + eBook - $199.00

Certified Ethical Hacker v9 iLabs after 6 months
CEHv9 iLabs - $125.00

# of Hours 60
Format Distance education - online 

Prerequisites None 

Outline - In the 18 comprehensive modules below, the coure covers 270 attack technologies, commonly used by hackers.

  • Introduction to Ethica Hacking
  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • Scanning Networks
  • Enumeration
  • System Hacking
  • Malware Threats
  • Sniffing
  • Social Engineering
  • Denial-of-Service
  • Sesion Hijacking
  • Hacking Webservers
  • Hacking Web Applications
  • SQL Injections
  • Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Hacking Mobile Platforms
  • Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cryptography

All materials are provided within the course, eBook, Voucher, Lecture Videos, iLabs and Exam Pass Guarantee