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Introduction to User Experience Design (UXD)
(Cr. 3)

Course Description:

This course provides an introductory overview to the field of User Experience Design (UXD). Through an integrated team of expert instructors, students learn processes central to specifying, designing, and testing computer interfaces for user-friendliness. Students also learn: how UXD functions as part of the interface development process; the role of UXD in company business operations; and how various elements of UXD are integrated during the design and development process--particularly with regard to accessibility and mobile computing. 


Introduction to User Experience Design course had the largest impact for me, as it exposed me to a new way of thinking and ignited my interest in pursuing the other UX courses. I can honestly say that without that course and those instructors, I may be on a different career path today.

The class that I enjoyed the most was Intro to UXD, which was a week-long design sprint, with our three wonderful professors as mentors for our week-long intensive project. The class taught me how to do a design sprint in an agile environment. Furthermore, it introduced me to the whole design process starting from user research, conceptualization, to final prototyping and testing; and how to execute it in just a week. (May 2019)

I also enjoyed the Introduction to UXD course. It was a one week accelerated course with an excellent se of instructors who opened me up to the world of UXD. I enjoyed learning the basics of UXD including Design Sprint, wireframing and knowledge of prototyping tools like Marvel and InVision. (May 2019)

I didn’t know there was so much I didn’t know about user interfaces.  This was an amazing course.  Thank you.