Course Registration Guidelines

Step-by-Step Guide to Register for Courses

Please consult with your adviser to discuss your program of studies and your initial registration.New admits to degree programs in the Graduate School must consult with their Graduate Program Directors prior to their initial registration.  New admits in the graduate professional schools and non-degree admits in the Graduate School may register upon admission or as soon as registration opens, usually in mid - April for the fall semester or summer session and November for a spring semester.

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Steps to Register for Classes Online

1) Get your Net ID. New students can activate their Net ID at

2) Go to

3) Click on WebReg login for Rutgers Students. Login with your NetID and Password

4) Choose the semester.

5) You can add courses directly by entering  the index number of the courses if you know them, else  click on the Course Lookup tab. You can see the index numbers listed in our website at Fall 2016.

6) After clicking on the Course Lookup tab choose the semester, Location and Level of study.

7) In the drop down menu choose Business and Science (137) for MBS courses. Choose the respective subjects for course offering in their department.

*Courses will be listed this way:

(Course Index #)
(Title of Course)


8) Choose the desired course and click register. Add the courses to your list.

9) A special permission number may be needed to register for some of the MBS courses and  the other graduate courses. Each course needs its own special permission number. For Business or MBS (Business and Science-137) courses, please contact our office to get a special permission number.  Contact the respective departments for Special Permission Numbers for the courses in that department.

For Computer Science Department see


Please Note: New students may have to call the registrar's office to unblock their account.

* If you are still having trouble, please call the Registar's office: (732)445-7000 ext 0 for the New Brunswick campus and (856) 225-6053 for Camden. Or please visit their website: