Electrical & Computer Engineering Course Description

Communications Engineering:

Required Core Courses (Select 5 courses)

332:541 Stochastic Signals and Systems (Fall)
332:542  Information Theory and Coding (Spring)
332:543  Communication Networks I (Fall)
332:544  Communication Networks II (Spring)
332:545  Digital Communication Systems (Spring)
332:546  Wireless Communications Technologies (Spring)
332:548  Error Control Coding (Spring)
332:549  Detection and Estimation Theory (Spring)
332:559  Advanced Topics in Communications Engineering 

Computer Engineering:
Required Core Courses (2 courses)

332:563  Computer Architecture I (Fall)
332:573  Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring)

Digital Signal Processing:
Required Core Courses (Select 5 courses)

332:521 Digital Signals and Filters (Fall)
332:525 Optimum Signal Processing 
332:527 Digital Speech Processing
332:529 Image Coding and Processing
332:533 Computation Methods for Signal Recovery
332:535 Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing Algorithms
332:541 Stochastic Signals and Systems (Fall)
332:561 Machine Vision (Fall)
332:570 Robust Computer Vision (Spring)

Solid State Electronics:
Required Core Courses (5 courses)

332:580  Electric Waves and Radiation (Fall)
332:581  Introduction to Solid State Electronics (Fall)
332:583  Semiconductor Devices I (Fall and Spring)
332:584  Semiconductor Devices II 
332:587  Transistor Circuit Design (Fall)

Systems and Control:
Required Core Courses (3 courses)

332:501  System Analysis (Fall)
332:505  Control Theory I (Spring)
332:506  Control Theory II (Fall)