1st Annual Pharma 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Conference

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 9:00am
Event Location: 
Princeton, NJ

The Pharma 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Conference in Princeton, part of the ongoing Bioprocess Scale-up Series of events. Pharma and biotech development pipelines now include biologics, cell-based therapies, and vaccines (e.g., combination immune-modulatory small molecules with checkpoint antibodies) in their respective portfolios.  Developing these therapeutics means facing stiff competition as many pharma companies see an opportunity in the global marketplace. Transitioning to Pharma 4.0 offers solutions to this challenge but the transition introduces challenges of its own. Bringing Pharma 4.0 online requires rolling out new technology platforms as part of a broader, coordinated business strategy.  Technology leaders need a remit to be flexible enough to allow innovation, while maintaining the discipline for rigorous validation and compliance.  

To that end, the Pharma 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Conference is a gathering of technology leaders from pharma, biotech, and pharma suppliers who will present case studies on their experience introducing, implementing, and managing emerging technology capabilities.

Registration Fee:
Academic Student or Faculty - $25