Can I take a semester off from the MBS degree program?

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Yes. If you are an MBS student and you need to take a temporary leave (fall/spring) due to extenuating circumstances such as work travel, illness, etc, register for matriculation continued, 16:137:800. for a maximum of two consecutive terms.This is essentially a placeholder to keep your status active with Rutgers and MBS.  Please also notify your MBS advisor.  Failure to register for matriculation continued will result in the deactivation of your Rutgers NetID/email in addition to submitting a readmission form.There is no tuition fee for this registration, although a student fee is charged. For International students, you will have to check with your International Student Advisor for information regarding visa regulations and eligibility for this option.

Steps to register for Matriculation continued:

1) Login to WebReg using your Netid and password:

2) Choose semester[Spring or Fall] 

3) Navigate to "Course Lookup" and choose respective location of your graduate program.

4) In the "Course lookup tab", under "Search by keyword" enter the course number(16:137:800) and click submit.

5) The course appears as shown below. and you can click on the "Register" link to proceed further.

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