Horticulture Course Descriptions

Core Courses –

16:776:450  Horticultural Topics (2)
Conferences with growers, marketers, and other business representatives to learn opinions, insights, and experiences related to their specific fields of horticulture.  Prerequisite: 11:776:211 Introduction to Horticulture or equivalent.

11:776:451 Fine & Sports Turf (3)
Grass identification and selection, the diagnosis and treatment of disease and pests, fertilizer and weed control programs, irrigation, drainage, thatch control, and maintenance.


16:765:502  Advanced Plant Physiology (3)
Survey of modern aspects of plant physiology with emphasis on recent literature. Topics covered include carbon metabolism, water relations, plant nutrition, development, and stress physiology.

16:765:522. Applied Plant Science Statistics (3).
Statistical methods such as experimental design, regression, ANOVA, covariance, field plot techniques, sampling, factorial experiments, treatment comparisons, and estimates of effects. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

16:765:536 Plant Disease Clinic (3)
Workshop in diagnosing both pathogenic and nonpathogenic plant disorders, isolation and identification of causal organisms, and current disease control measures. Lec./lab. 6 hrs. Prerequisite: General plant pathology or equivalent. Offered only during the Summer Session.

16:765:699 Plant Biology Graduate:  Non-thesis Study (3)
upervised field work/internship. Prerequisite: Permission of Program Director.

16:137:604  Case Studies in Horticulture & Turfgrass Applications (**new course)
Case Studies in Horticulture and Turfgrass applications. Prerequisite: 3 Core courses or permission of instructor.